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This time "P" is for "Podcast"

I recorded a podcast w/ Ron at Teofilo Coffee Company this weekend. My initial thought when he first asked me was: holy crap! I'd have to talk to so much.

If you know me, you will notice that I am pretty quiet... unless I'm drunk. LOL. Anyways... I actually had fun recording the podcast. I felt like it flowed pretty well. There were a couple of things I wish I could've talked more about or cleared up.

  1. I really should've explained more about my background and my parents' background in the Philippines. It probably didn't sound like they struggled. I was pretty young at the time, but I do remember how my parents tried to make ends meet. I should've talked about my mom's Sari-sari store and her hustle as a barbeque vendor. She also sold halo-halo during the summer. I also remember my dad's several side hustles at the time. The T-shirt printing business and the cashews.

  2. We are very lucky that we ended up in Cypress, CA (Orange County) when we first moved to the US. And I am super thankful that we have relatives who were already living here to help us get started. But we're still not well-off... and we still have to work hard to make things happen. I'm not rich... I'm not sure if I gave that impression.

  3. I am not like a super HUGE fan of Dr. Joy Francisco. I do like her books and have yet to purchase a book. Ron kind of made it sound like I'm a huge fan and I probably should've corrected him on the spot but I didn't. I'm sorry! I was still slightly nervous when were talking about it.

But anyways... yeah I'm glad I took the time to do this. I hope that whoever listens to the episode had some good takeaways. I'm always available for questions if someone needs help publishing their own book. I am now considering starting a podcast with my good friend Bettsy so we can talk about work stuff and how to handle it. We shall see if we follow through.

Here is the link to the podcast if you care to listen:

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