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The little peanut

So by now, we’ve told our closest friends, families, and co-workers.

Today, we went in for our first ultrasound appointment at MemorialCare in Fountain Valley.  I had to fill out some paperwork about our family health history and my personal health history.  It’s a good thing I did a lot of the tests last years such as Pap Smear, Mammogram, and a full physical.  I also brought in a list of the medications I take as well as the most recent blood work I had done which my endocrinologist ordered for me.

The one thing I was very concerned about is my thyroid issue.  Luckily, my doctor wants/requires to maintain my TSH levels throughout the whole pregnancy.  And he also wants to keep my OB informed of my TSH levels.

So anyways, back to the OB appointment.  We were asked to wait inside a room with a bed lined with paper, and 2 slots where my feet would go.  And adjacent to the bed was a computer screen.  The nurse/aide took my blood pressure and asked me some pretty standard questions such as if this is my first pregnancy, who is my referring physician, and how I am feeling in general.  She also set up my own MyChart user login… which I got excited about because MyChart is made by Epic and Epic builders are what we staff at work!  Anyways, after filling out paperwork, I was weighed and was asked for a urine sample.  Chris stayed in the room while I went to the bathroom.

When I walked back in the room, I sat down on the edge of the bed and started looking around.  I saw a box of latex rings that reminded me of condoms.  I should’ve known what they were for.

So Dr. Megan Moore walks in… she seems super-friendly and not at all scary.  I had read a lot of reviews about her and all were positive.  Which is why I ended up scheduling an appointment with her.  She asked me some questions such as, when was the first day of my last period, if I’ve had any pregnancies before, if our families have history of genetic abnormalities such as down syndrome, and what medications I am currently taking.  She talked about my symptoms, went over some tests that some couples opt for:

  1. Genetics test which is recommended for women over 35.  My OB said this isn’t covered by most insurance and you can just opt out of it if you’d like.  To read more about genetics testing and other prenatal tests, click here: Genetics Prenatal Test

  2. Nuchal Translucency – this is the one we signed up for.  This is covered by our insurance and is a noninvasive way to learn about the risk of having a baby with certain birth defects such as Down syndrome (trisomy 21), trisomy 18 and 13, open neural tube defects and cardiac defects.

Next was the ultrasound…

It’s really nothing like what I’ve seen on TV/movies.  I remember watching Juno and expecting the ultrasound machine to be rubbed across my belly.  I should’ve known it will be quite different because I was asked to take off my underwear and tights.  I was wearing a dress so I still had something covering my privates.

So I see her grabbing this phallic looking tube, rolled some sort of latex covering over the tip and onto the shaft part, and put some lube on the tip.  She must’ve seen my reaction so she started to say, this would feel much like a pap smear so don’t worry.

(I guess I just didn’t expect it to be a Vaginal Ultrasound)

Anyhow, put the tube inside of me and rolled the screen over to the bedside so Chris and I can both see it.  She measured the size of the embryo and gave us our EDD (Estimated Delivery Date).  I was sort of disappointed/but then relieved that there was only 1 embryo.

Anyways… Dr. Meagan told us our EDD is Sept. 17th, 2017 =)

And here is Baby Similar!!!

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