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The case of the missing EO bottle

I shopped for quite a bit last night. Procrastinator by nature, I finally went to the store last night to get some stuff for our company’s Annual Sales Conference on Friday.

I came home around 9, did the pile of dishes in the sink, comforted my crying toddler, and tried my hardest to fall asleep. I was having THE most difficult time falling asleep. I just kept thinking about things that have happened throughout the day, re-playing things over and over and was thinking of scenarios about how I can re-do some things, or re-say some things I have said. I think that my overall feeling yesterday was not the best. I felt as if I had spent entirely way too much money just to try and look good for a night. Well, since I was at Victoria’s Secret, I thought it was worth it to splurge on some good bras. After all, I usually buy cheap teenage bras from Kohl’s. I thought it was time to buy some “adult” underwear.

Anyhow, as I lay in bed just THINKING over and over and over about random thoughts…. I finally decided it was time to put on my headphones and listen to some guided meditation. And to prepare for the setting, I wanted to use some of my Lavender Essential Oils that I inherited from my Dad’s stash of oils. I remember that I put it away somewhere Roman and Miguel couldn’t get to it. Because just the other day, I saw Roman put the entire bottle in his mouth and I was freaked out that he might swallow it.

So I spent some time THINKING about where I had put it. I looked on the floor, I looked on my side table, my drawers, Roman’s drawers, my purse, Roman’s diaper bag, the bathroom drawers, the kitchen drawer, Roman’s closet, and just about every pocket of the jacket I had on the other night. I laid down again, tried to listen to the guided meditation recording, but the friggin’ bottle was still bugging me. I got up and looked at some other places again. I could NOT find this bottle ANYWHERE! Finally, I just laid in bed again and re-started the guided meditation. I saw that it was 12:03am and just wanted to get over the bottle and finally go to bed. The man’s voice on the Meditation Podcast I had chosen was very soothing. Although he started with an advertisement getting patrons to fund the podcast, I still found his voice very relaxing. When he finally got to the part about “letting go” and just allowing the bed to support my body and blah blah blah… I finally forgot about the essential oil bottle and just drifted off to sleep.

This morning, I woke up and still thought about the damn bottle! I got up and looked for it again in the same places. Then finally, it was time for me to get Roman to my mom and get ready for work. I packed Roman’s “lunch,” and got his backpack ready. I walked back into the room and looked by the side table and on the floor… there it was… the infamous essential oil bottle that I had been thinking about using!

I picked it up and thanked my sister AND my dad. But mostly my DAD! I think it was his way of giving it to me. Holy crap! I swear I looked EVERYWHERE for it and it couldn’t have been there.

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