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Sorry It’s been awhile…

A lot has happened… and some things aren’t that much fun.

When I went in for my last ultrasound at 12 weeks, I was told:

  1. I have low-lying placenta:  For more info

  2. I have a uterine fibroid (outside of the uterus – which is great!  because it’s not going to affect Baby Similar AND it’s non-cancerous).

Then Dr. Moore and I went over my blood test results.  It turns out:  I have a gestational diabetes =(  which means… I really have to watch my carb-intake, sticking to a meal plan, and monitoring my glucose levels.

So my gut reaction to all this?

First… I was afraid I have cancer when I was told I have a uterine fibroid.

Second… okay fat baby.  My mom had GD when she was pregnant with me and I came out 9.4 lbs.

Third – I thought it would better to have a C-section… honestly.  Because it would mean less pain.

But from an emotional standpoint… at this moment… I’m feeling really down lately.  I’ve had dreams about my sister and each time… it’s as if she’s there with us.  Still alive and well… like nothing happened.  Which is great because in my dreams I feel like she’s still alive.  Then I wake up and reality sets… and I start getting very very very sad.  Then I get pre-sad about Miguel.  Because I know his life is short.

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