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Saying Hello to 2017

Ready to make some changes in my life… new diet, new goals, new goals at work… onto a healthier lifestyle!  I’m stoked =)

Most importantly, given the heavy blow we experienced the year before, I wanted to plan something positive… so to kick things off… I had bought plane tickets for my mom, my dad, Chris, and I to go to Alabama for my cousin Richie’s Army retirement ceremony.  Even though my parents are not the travelling type, I wanted them to have something to look forward to.  And to see something different other than the same 4 walls at home.

This year, I also wanted to try and plan our wedding.  So…. I got busy searching for a way to not spend more than $10K on a wedding.  That is our budget.  And after much emailing and calling and searching online, I got in touch with a Chef Daniel Lyons.  I had seen tons of Yelp reviews about Westminster Manor.  However, when I reached out to Chef Daniel, he let me know that Westminster Manor was closing down.  But he did recommend another place:

Legacy Ballroom

So on January 7th, we met with Chef Daniel in person, got a tour of the place (which is exactly what we were looking for), got the pricing information (we’re exactly within budget), and pretty much fell in love with the place.  We went home, discussed our options, and we were SOLD!  Chris and I couldn’t think of anything that could possibly stop us from not going with this venue.

I was already thinking about the style of invitations, Save the Dates, the gown I want, the flowers, and Miguel being our ring bearer =)

Until… it occurred to me that something immaculate had happened on Christmas Day.  So without giving TMI on what had happened… let’s just say that a few days after we had met with Chef Daniel, Chris and I decided that we can’t agree on reserving the place yet until I got… my PERIOD!

On Wednesday, January 9th, I had felt something different… I was bloated, I was urinating more frequently, and my boobs were VERY sore.  I thought that being under so much stress and being on the Paleo diet has slowed down my period.  So I waited… and waited.

Chris did tell me no rag = no wedding ceremony.

Since my schedule is pretty much regular, I was sort of freaking out.  And finally on Friday, January 13th, I decided to buy this:

There are a lot of options for HPTs.  But I decided to go for the most “tech savvy” looking one…I figured that the digital kind will give me the most accurate results.  No faint lines/guessing what the status is.

When I got home that night… I put the groceries away, I was about to cook Zpaghetti.  (Since we started the Paleo Diet, I was in this cooking mode…. and I got down on new dishes)  Anyhow, I had told Chris that I bought the test.

We hesitated on whether to immediately take it.. or wait until after dinner.  But I figured, hey why not just know now than have to keep guessing.  I mean, my bloated-ness and breast tenderness are still present… and the more I search online, the more it leads to other things I think I might have… such as Ovarian Cancer.

So… I decided to test —>  I made sure to read all the directions properly.  Carefully walked into the bathroom and did the business.  I put the cap back on the tip and laid the stick on top of the sink.  I walked away… started putting some dirty laundry away.  After about 3 minutes… I saw this:


First Test

OMG – I gasped and covered my mouth.

Chris and I were sort of in shock/scared/happy at the same time.  But we sat there and just looked at each other… he gave me a hug and said congratulations.  It was just a surreal experience.

We talked it out…. and I wasn’t in the mood to cook the Zpaghetti anymore.

Later that night, I decided to take another test… just to make sure.  since I read there are some false positives with HPTs.

The 2nd one was, of course, another Yes+ LOL.


2nd HPT

So that Friday night… I went to bed very carefully.  Making sure I wasn’t crushing the baby inside my belly.

The next day, I kept reading about Symptoms of pregnancy, Chinese Gender prediction, and several other things about my symptoms.  I was very concerned about my thyroid issue.  I’m currently on Synthroid medication, 100 mcg daily.  My endocrinologist has told me several times in the past, that I need to let him know if I ever become pregnant because the dose needs to be increased.  And I had also read horrible stories about miscarriages if your thyroid issue becomes untreated.  That night, Chris and I went to downtown LA to get some grub =)

We ended up going to Philippe’s (first time for me!) then walked around Chinatown to look for good luck charms (mostly my idea.)  Although I didn’t end up getting my wealth bowl like I wanted, I did come back with a WuLou pendant and a key chain for Chris.

On Sunday, I went with my parents to the cemetery to put flowers in my sister’s grave.  Then I spent some time at my parents’ house and helped clean out my sister’s room.  There were still some items I wanted to keep in her memory.  Also, we had to put away some things to make room for a new tenant to rent out her room.

And going through her stuff meant seeing things that made me miss her eve more.  I spent the majority of that day, just thinking about how much I’d want her to know about the baby =(

Monday was MLK Day… so I was off work that day.  I tried to go see my Primary Care Physician but their office was closed that day.  And just to REALLY make sure it’s a YES, I bought another set of HPTs.  But this time, I bought the Clear Blue brand just to make sure it’s different from the previous.  As soon as I got home from trying to see if my doctor was available that day, I quickly tried another stick… and of course… . it’s another POSITIVE.


3rd Test

Baby Similar is in my belly FOR SURE

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