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Pinky Promises

So this weekend… Chris and I decided to tell our parents the good news.

First on the list, MY mom and dad.

We ended up taking them out to dinner at La Palma Panda Inn… which brought back some very weird memories for me because I had worked there after high school.  It was around the time I thought I was Superwoman, thinking I could hold down 2 jobs and go to college full time, and I really hated having to wear all black for a job.  Anyways… that was many years ago and I couldn’t believe we were there to tell my parents they are going to be grandparents.

As soon as we got seated, I kept nudging Chris and looking and trying to ask him questions with just my eyes, “should we tell them now?”  And he would respond by shaking his head.  That went on for another 10 more times.  And finally he whispered to me, “let’s tell them AFTER we order.”

So the waitress comes, gets our drink orders.  Then we were all given menus.  I. of course, want to order the Honey Walnut Shrimp right away.  So then we all decide on what to get… and as soon as the waitress comes back with our drinks, we tell her we’re ready for our order.

We ordered: Wonton Soup and 3 entrees (Honey Walnut Shrimp, Spicy Tofu and Eggplant, and Beef with Broccoli.

Finally, after giving the menus back… Chris was ready to spill the beans.  I just sat there waiting lol.  He’s always better with words anyways.

Chris: We wanted to take you guys out to dinner because we wanted to tell you something.

Mom: What is it?

Chris: We wanted to tell you that you are going to be grandparents… we just found last week that Row is pregnant.


Dad: (smiles)

And throughout dinner, my mom and dad would say things like “you should eat more veggies” or “I will cook you malunggay” or “You should take folic acid”

And I think, that night, we went home relieved/happy/excited.


L to R: Dad, Mom, Me, and Chris


On Saturday, we decided to take Zapata & Yoly (Chris’ grandparents) to lunch.  We picked them up from their house and went to Pieloon, a local favorite diner of the Zapata family.

So…. as soon as we sat down, same plan… we order and spill the beans.

Well… here is the video for what happened that day:

Congrats to the Great-Grandparents 🙂


It was raining so hard that Sunday.  Chris and I had made plans to drive to Canyon Lake and have dinner with his Mom, Gary, Danielle, and Wayne.  Miguel (the first baby of ours lol) was also with us.

We had a cake made with the message we wanted ready for dessert.

So on the menu that night:  Roast Beef, Mac and Cheese, and potato salad.  We ate and talked about… gosh I can’t even remember what we’ve talked about!  I think it had to do with the dogs.  I know Mia, one of their Yorkies, ended up getting sick that night.  So in a way, it kind of felt like the timing was awkward.  But we really wanted to share the good news so we carried on with the plan.

After dinner, Chris got up and asked if anyone wanted dessert.  So he volunteered to grab the box of cake that was in the fridge downstairs.  As soon as he came back up to the dining room area… here is what happened:


It’s supposed to say: “Surprise, we’re expecting!”

So that was 3 down… 1 more to go ***********************************************************************

Last but certainly not the least of the people we wanted to share the news with was Skip (Chris’ dad).  Although I was thinking it would be cool to do a little surprise for him… Chris had mentioned that he just wanted to have a conversation with his dad and just tell him in a “regular way” lol.

So that Monday night, we went to Skip’s house.  Bekah, Baby Owen, Jennifer, Josh, Moo, B, Jason, and Mackenzie were home.  After saying hi to everyone, Chris immediately went into his Dad’s room and closed the door.  So I’m not quite sure how the conversation went but I assume it was a heart-to-heart conversation.

Meanwhile, I fooled the rest of the gang by talking about wedding plans.  And it wasn’t hard to talk about it because just a few weeks ago, we really did have wedding plans.

Anyhow… that night sealed the deal for us.  And no matter what happens from this point on, we’re happy we told our family for additional support.

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