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I came across this passage from someone’s post. I believe it’s from a Jewish scripture. My apologies if I can’t properly credit the source… So this post made me think back to the time when we were driving through the Mojave Desert, a few days after my sister passed. I kept questioning if there really is life after death. Or are we just here for this short amount of time on earth, then eventually disappear? I kept asking to see a shooting star. And I told myself over and over that seing a shooting star would be a sign from heaven that my sister is okay. No matter how cheesy that sounded… I told myself that would be my sign that she can somehow hear my thoughts and let me know she is okay. I kept “wanting” to see a shooting star… so I kept looking out the window and I am almost positive I saw one. I felt relieved at that point thinking I have her blessing to keep living my life happily. It made me feel like she was somewhere in heaven looking down on me in approval. Because that was the type of person she was… she was very selfless and only wanted the best for me. There are times when I think back to what happened to her… and I still get that empty feeling which turns to anger most of the time. And then I think about my Dad… I hope they are reunited, both looking healthy and pain-free. They are the stars in my skies.

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