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NST Week 2

I went in for my 2nd week of NST/AFI Appointment yesterday.  The only difference this time was that I felt very sleepy.  I think it was because it was a Monday.

So anyhow, I laid down for the NST part… was hooked up to a machine to monitor my contractions and the baby’s heart rate.  I felt comfortable for the most part.  Then I fell asleep sometime in between.  When Dr. Moore came in to check in on me, she looked at the graph and saw that there was a couple of minutes when Baby Similar’s heart rate dropped from the acceptable 120-160 range.

She said, “it looks like your baby mis-behaved a little bit.  I need you to go to Labor and Delivery… I’ll call them right now and monitor you for another hour.”  This of course got me a little concerned.  She said that she just wants to make sure everything is okay especially because the drop in the heart rate happened as a result of a minor contraction.  She said sometimes this happens if the baby rolls over the cord but she wants to be on the safe side.  If it continues to happen, there might also be a chance that the baby gets delivered.

So I drive over to the Labor & Delivery building… still kind of confused/worried because I felt fine physically… just sleepy.  I checked in to the lobby and was met by some friendly nurses.  I was then directed to get the ultrasound room.  And at this point, Baby Similar was very active.  I could feel him towards my right lower rib cage.  So usual stuff.  I was really more concerned about what to tell work because I was scheduled to come back that same day.  They have been very accommodating by letting me leave for my appointment and making up my hours instead of taking PTO.

So the ultrasound tech took some measurements, showed me some parts of Baby Similar, and I saw him with his hands in front of his mouth.  I have a feeling he’s a thumb-sucker lol.  Then she had me turn to lay down on my right side.  She was trying to get a different position on the screen.  Then she printed out an ultrasound picture of Baby Similar’s profile.  After the ultrasound, I was then guided to a different room for the NST.

So again, I was hooked up to a monitor with the contractions and fetal heart rate tracked.  I was checked in like a regular patient although I opted not to wear the gown.  I also had to fill out some medical forms and was asked a bunch of medical questions.  Luckily, I really liked the nurse… she was very nice lol.

I stayed at the hospital for about an hour and a half.  And I was offered lunch which was very helpful because I was getting hungry.  I ate a turkey sandwich with Mayo and milk… and surprisingly, it was very yummy.

Then after that… I was given my discharge instructions and was asked to come back the next day for another hour of NST.  Just to be completely sure that Baby Similar is okay =)


I went back at 10am today for my scheduled NST follow-up.

I had to fill out paperwork again, but this time, I had to give 2 emergency contacts.  And it’s still weird to me that I now have to sign my name as Rowena Similar.  So anyways, Mycel, the nurse from yesterday was my nurse again today.  She set me up on the machine and told me that as long as we get active movements from Baby Similar, my appointment will be relatively short.  I dozed off a bit again… and before I know it, it was time for me to go.  Everything was great!!!  Mycel even gave me a tour of one of the rooms.  Which she did say was one of the bigger rooms they have at Orange Coast Memorial.  And she did mention that that room would have a shared bathroom with another patient.  I forgot to ask if there is a tub though =(  because that would be such a bonus.

Anyhow… so far so good… hope Baby Similar doesn’t come out sooner than the Baby Shower lol.

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