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Maternity Leave – Day 2

Today was a busy day… went with my mom and dad to my dad’s appointment at USC with a GI Doctor.  This was a consultation for his GI Tract because USC has the more advanced equipment for an Endoscopic Ultrasound.  Just to cut to the chase, we basically need to go back on 09/25 for the actual endoscopy so the doctor can perform a biopsy on several lymph nodes just above his abdomen.

I can tell my dad is not himself lately.  And sometimes I’m just not even sure what to say.  I’ve told my sister over and over that things will be okay… and they didn’t.  I don’t want to make statements like that anymore.  But I know he knows things are not sounding the best.  I hate this feeling… and it’s even worse that I am feeling this when I’m 38 weeks pregnant.  I feel like… I just can’t win in life lately.  But I’ll never have this feeling of having a first child ever again so I’m trying to enjoy it… the best way I can.

I guess nesting is my way of dealing with it.  But I find myself stressing myself over certain things.  I’m still not done with organizing Baby Similar’s clothes.  I plan to do that tomorrow… but I have to leave and go with my dad to see his primary care physician.  I think both my mom and I would like for him to just get admitted to the hospital so that they can run the tests they need to run.  As opposed to having to wait for Insurance Authorizations, referrals, scheduling… I fucking hate the Health Insurance system here in the US.  It really doesn’t favor the sick… not unless you have money.

So anyways, on top of being stressed about this stuff… Maybe the husband thinks I am taking it out on him.  I just want a clean house, picture frames to be hung, and no leftover fries on the table.  Is that really a lot to ask for?  I know manual labor is tiring and work is tiring… but I don’t think I’m being unreasonable.

I bought a 20×30 frame for this Collage Poster from Shutterfly… I had a $20 coupon from the Motherhood store =)   And I just really wanted this hung…


Whatever I guess it’s not the end of the world if this thing isn’t hanging in our living room by the time Baby Similar gets here.

Tomorrow is another day….

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