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Last of 2018

I was inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s podcasts and wanted to do my list.

Here’s my list of 19 for 2019 1. Organize kitchen drawer, bathroom drawer, linen closet, regular closet. 2. Organize the garage. 3. Create photo book for Roman’s 1st year. 4. Cook more, especially healthy, low-carb meals. 5. Get my pelvic ultrasound done – per Doctor’s orders. 6. Go to San Francisco. 7. Get my nails done about 4 times with my Momma. 8. Organize Roman’s toys and clothes. 9. Read more books (Big Magic, Marie Kondo books, and 3 more I haven’t thought of yet.) 10. Practice more Yoga. 11. Start a Meditation Practice. 12. Spend Christmas and NYE in the Philippines. 13. Get rid of Credit Card Debt. 14. Save $8K by the end of the year. 15. Make at least 10 placements at work. 16. Take more pictures with my DSLR. 17. Be more affectionate w/ my husband. 18. Take Chris to Blue Bayou Restaurant for his Birthday 19. Make a habit of waking up earlier.

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