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Just one more sleep

And we find out whether Baby Similar is a He or a She =)

I have been feeling the baby lately… first I felt twitching after I sneezed.  I tried to follow the movement with my hands but it doesn’t stay moving. It comes once in awhile. and it doesn’t feel like “butterflies” or “flutters” or “bubbles” like everyone else says.  It feels more like a worm, or twitching in my belly.

Usually I’ll feel the movement on my lower right belly or my lower abs.  Yesterday, I felt the baby more on the upper right hand side =)

Feels weird… but it’s amazing to think there is a tiny person inside.

On another note, my belly button is turning into an outtie.  So I switched my pregnancy belly button ring.  They’re plastic and much longer than the regular belly rings.  

belly ring

Anyways, I have been busy with decorations and planning the party… but I will most likely post pictures/videos up this weekend.

BUT… I did want to say I am TEAM BOY!  And Christopher is TEAM GIRL.

We shall seeeee…

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