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Gestational Diabetes

I haven’t written much about this lately.

I’m now on my 33rd week and getting bigger by the day.  I feel more pressure on my pelvis and when I’m walking… more on my bladder.  I guess this is all part of the last months of pregnancy.  But the main thing I have been working on is balancing my blood sugar.

I haven’t worked out for a bout a month.  But I plan on changing that by at least doing yoga at home whenever I can.  I bought Hilaria Baldwin’s Prenatal Yoga DVD which I’ve done a couple of times.  I thought they were pretty helpful although I have a hard time doing some poses.  Especially the ones where I’m reclining on my back.  Happy baby makes an unhappy mommy right now.  And although I get bummed that I didn’t keep up with my yoga throughout my pregnancy, I’m pretty happy that I am not physically struggling really.  It could always be worse.

So back to the diabetes.  During my 2nd trimester, I felt more energetic and felt more creative about my diet.  This time around, I just want to do as least amount of cooking as possible.  And I feel like a T-Rex when I do the dishes.  I normally turn to my side lol.

So it’s been hard with the diet lately.  Here is how I breakdown my meals and blood sugar testings (as recommended by my doctor):

Fasting Number: As soon as I wake up, I have to check my blood sugar.  This number must be less than 90.

Breakfast – Bacon, eggs, wheat toast.  On the weekends, I get more of an option.  Eg. Egg-white turkey bowl from McDs; chorizo and eggs; maybe brunch.  *Then I test for my blood sugar level an hour after and this number must be 130 or under.

Snack in between: I usually drink Milk or Almond Milk then eat fruit.

Lunch: Some kind of meat with veggies on the side.  On the weekdays when I’m at work and didn’t cook the night before, my go to spots are Chipotle (Sofritas salad bowl), Cheesecake factory (they have a low-carb cheesecake btw), The Loft, Gyu Kaku (Japanese BBQ).  *Then I test for my blood sugar after this meal.  This number must be 130 or less.

Snack: Protein and Carb combo.  I have been getting decaf coffee lately (counts as my carb because of the creamer and sugar).  Then I eat peanuts or almonds.  Sometimes I get toast with almond butter.

Dinner:  I take a 5mg tablet of Glyburide 30 mins before this meal.  When I get home, we either get food to go (Chipotle, Flame Broilers with brown rice and avo, Cantina Bowl from Taco Bell), or lately, the hubby has been cooking low-carb meals eg. Ground Beef stuffed Bell Pepper with Cheese and Corn, grilled porkchops, steaks, or baked salmon.  *I also need to test for my blood sugar an hour after this meal.

Bed Time Snack: this is usually a Protein Shake.   I really like Premier Protein’s Chocolate Shake.  This has 30gms of protein and only 4gm of Carbs.  My meal plan recommends a serving of carbs, 1 serving of fat, and 2 servings of protein.  So sometimes, if I feel like it, I will add a wheat toast with butter.

Image result for premier protein chocolate shake nutrition
Image result for premier protein chocolate shake nutrition

So as long as I stick to my diet plan, my OB hopes that my baby doesn’t get too big.  So anyhow, I really hope that all goes well from this point on.  I am definitely feeling more anxious and would just like to have everything ready before he comes.

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