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For keeps

I had told a friend about my situation… mostly because it’s VERY VERY hard to keep this a secret.  And I chose her because she has gone through 2 pregnancies and both children are happy and healthy =)

So based on our conversation, it’s best to really see my Primary Care Physician ASAP and confirm.

So I walked in at a clinic close to work and got a test done.

First I saw a Nurse.  She was really nice… also lives in Cypress and had been pregnant once.  These are just some questions she asked me during my visit:

  1. Date of Last Mont’s Period

  2. Symptoms You are experiencing

  3. Medication(s) you are currently taking

  4. Family Medical History

  5. If I drink alcohol

  6. If I have ever been a smoker

  7. If I am happy about being pregnant — apparently she has made an assumption before and some women are NOT happy about the results.

So after peeing in a cup (which I had no problem doing at all), getting my blood pressure taken, and my temperature read… the doctor came in and did confirm that I am indeed pregnant.  She asked if I had planned on keeping the baby and I asked her questions about what I need to avoid.

Her tips: I can continue to do what I’ve been doing physically.  Eat fresh, healthy foods so Paleo is definitely good.  Go with more natural medications if I have a cold or if I experience nausea.  She also recommended a few OBGYNs in the area.

That night, I immediately got on my phone and started reading Yelp Reviews about the OBs my PCP recommended.  The following day I had made a choice to call Dr. Meagan Moore:

Dr. Meagan Moore’s Healthgrades link

Yelp – Dr. Meagan Moore

And BAM!  I scheduled my first appointment for 02/02/2017.

Baby Similar… can’t wait to see you on the screen =)

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