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Fetal Monitoring

Because of the Gestational Diabetes, I started my fetal monitoring today.  And from this point on, I have to go into the OB office twice a week for monitoring.

I did the Non-stress test today (non invasive).  This test (I had read) measures the baby’s heart rate and reactivity of the heart rate to the movement.  The technician put 2 belts around my belly.  One was to monitor the baby’s heart rate.  The other was lower on my abdomen, which was used to measure contractions.  The 2 belts were hooked up to a Cardiotocography (CTG) which printed out a graph… and it looked similar to this machine:

So apparently, this test can show if the baby is not receiving enough oxygen because of placental or umbilical cord problems; it can also indicate other types of fetal distress.

So after about 20 mins, my OB came in and said everything looked normal.  Then I was instructed to move to another room with the ultrasound machine.  In this room, my OB started the AFI test.  It’s basically an ultrasound just to measure the Amniotic Fluid.  She also went over the NST results a little bit more.  She mentioned that I am having minor contractions which is nothing to be concerned about and is actually considered normal at 33 weeks.  I told her I haven’t really felt contractions.  And I also asked if there is anything I should be concerned about.  She said that if I were having actual labor contractions, I would know because I would literally just stop what I’m doing because of the pain and that I would have a hard time walking.  She mentioned that I am measuring just fine and the baby is active and we would need to see make sure we notice the kicks at least 10 times.  As for the AFI, I am measuring at 12.65cm which she says is also normal.

Dr. Moore is actually hoping I’d go into labor after 37 weeks and before 40 weeks so that Baby Similar isn’t too big.  I am hoping 38… so AFTER the baby shower.  lol

I know we have our baby shower scheduled kind of late… but I figured it would be okay.  So fingers crossed he waits until 38 weeks =)

So far so good… seems like things are going great.  I really hope the labor is not as hard/painful.

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