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Fetal Echocardiogram

For this procedure, we went back to Magella… but were met with a different doctor and ultrasound tech.

First, the ultrasound tech asked if I knew anything about the baby’s kidneys???  She did mention that the day I went, the office was having all sorts of problems and mine might have gotten mixed up with another patient.  I did let her know that the day I went, I was told everything looked fine and there was no mention of anything wrong with my baby’s kidneys.

So anyhow, she did her thang…. and I got to see my baby again =)

I really like the ultrasound gel they use at this facility because it’s warm.  She took measurements of the head, the belly, the legs, and showed us different parts.  We got to see the baby being somewhat active.  He put his hand behind his head and yawned for us.

Then the tech moved onto the heart and she spent a lot of time, taking freeze frames, doing measurements, some parts of the heart looking blue, and some red, and she showed us that there was nothing wrong with the kidneys. So next, she calls the OB doctor.  This time, the man was older, less cheerful than the previous OB doctor I had at this facility.  I asked him about the heart, and he did show us that the structure looks good, and it’s pointing the direction it is supposed to.

Overall, that appointment went very well.  And we are happy that Baby Similar is okay and that our Baby Boy looks to be active.

Here are some ultrasound photos from that day…  I think he is starting to look a lot like Daddy Similar.

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