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Dec 1st

Xmas season is here... and it always always always makes me think of my childhood.

I miss going caroling with my friends back in Maria Christina St. I still remember the times my friends would make me do all the singing. I think the popular choices were “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” and “Christmas in Our Hearts.”

While it’s always fun to reminisce... it’s painful to realize I will never get those moments back. I often think about how I probably took for granted the times my sister and my dad were still around. I miss our spinning Christmas Tree that also played music. I miss how other carolers would see our tree and say how cool it was.

I miss a lot of things... but I’m blessed to have a child who gives us so much joy. I want to make it a point to not only be present at all times... but to also make sure that I share the Filipino culture with him as much as possible.

I wanted to share a piece of my childhood with him by making him a Christmas Instrument kids in the Philippines used to make. I also taught him the song every caroler needs to know.

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