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Cutting Exercises w/ Rom-rom

I hate to admit, but I am worried that my son may be behind on the academics/learning because I did not put him in pre-school this year.

Because we are in a pandemic and because my 77 year old mom lives w/ us... I thought it might be too risky to enroll him in pre-school. I also do not think that he has the learning capacity to sit in front of the computer for distance learning. So, I try to make it a point to do some exercises w/ him. I need to do more alphabet and counting exercises. I also need to teach him his colors, shapes, and how to grip a pen.

And so, I've decided to record some of these exercises on a weekly-basis. I was told that these things can hopefully help others who may be needing some ideas.

Here is the video from today's Cutting Exercises. I was a little afraid of giving him some scissors in the first place. But I figured, with proper direction and guidance... he will be able to listen. Also, for this exercise, I gave Rom-rom some "loop scissors." I had read somewhere that these are easier to grip for beginners and for those who are still discovering what their dominant hand is. I got this pair from Amazon.

He truly enjoyed cutting the rolled play dough. He even helped roll some of the "snake" play dough. And sometimes he would say the pieces were "hotdogs" or "carrots."

I picked 3 different construction paper colors w/ the dotted line patterns. I was hoping we could make Christmas Trees out of the shapes he cut. It wasn't until I actually gave him construction paper that I realized the triangle shapes are too advanced for him. I noticed that he can only cut fringes at the moment. Sometimes, he would rip the paper if they didn't fully get cut. I saw him focus and get frustrated all at once which was kind of cute. I was seeing his mind work through the exercise.

I am so happy to say that this activity lasted a good 30 mins! He liked cutting and being able to hold the scissors on his own.

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