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Ever since I entered the realm of Fil-Am Literature, I stumbled upon various Fil-Am writers who have actually written Award-Winning novels/stories/books. So I plan on supporting these writers and reading their books.

Right now I am reaching "I Was Their American Dream" by Malaka Gharib. It is super entertaining because I just found out she went to Cerritos High! She graduated in 2003 which is only 1 year later than when I graduated from Cypress High. I am so intrigued by her story and I love the pop culture references she made during that time. I totally can relate with a lot of what she was into. And I feel really proud that she is representing the culture. I might do a full book review later. But I do like how she did the illustrations herself and it looks just like a comic book. I guess it's called a "graphic memoir."

Here is a link to buy this book:

Next on my list is... Erin Entrada Kelly's "Hello Universe." I have been wanting to read this book for quite some time. Especially because I saw that it had won a Newberry Medal in 2018. I was hoping that when I went to Bel Canto Bookstore last week, that they would have this book. But since they didn't.. I ended up getting the other book.

Anyways, it's exciting to be introduced to these books :)

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