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Crooked Heart

Yesterday was a tough pregnancy day…

After feeling uneasy from the day before, I was contacted by my OB Doctor while I was at work.  She left me a somewhat scary message… saying she wanted to go over the results of the Ultrasound with me because they found a minor irregularity.

Just hearing that made me very very nervous.

So I quickly called her back but wasn’t able to get a hold of her.

When she finally called me back, I had to step out of work and sat in the hallway.

Just to summarize what she said:

She said that the baby’s heart looks to be “rotated” to the left a little bit based on the ultrasound.  She mentioned that their facility only has a Radiologist and some things in the ultrasound may or may not be accurate.  So she would like for me to see a perinatologist to make sure that things look good with the baby’s heart.  She did mention not to worry… but that is the only thing I did yesterday.

I tried doing my research about what the baby’s condition might be.  However, I ended up reading about several different Congenital Heart Diseases… which can be very serious.  The whole time I was at work, all I could think about were worst case scenarios.

I talked to Christopher on my lunch break and he told me not to worry until we actually go see the perinatologist (which I’ve scheduled for Tuesday, May 2nd)

I talked to my parents and they both told me to say prayers.

Christopher also reached out to his mom.

And I reached out to my closest girl friends, and learned that a friend’s sister’s baby also had the same issue.  Since structurally, the heart developed fine, the baby was born fine and just needs to be monitored every month or so.

That conversation made me feel a little better.

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