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Book Signing + Coffee

Today was my first book signing! I’m so glad that Ron from Teofilo Coffee Company asked me to do this event. I had a lot of fun meeting new faces and hanging out with family!

This is the flyer I made for the event, courtesy of Canva.

I always wish I had taken more photos during these events. I think starting next month, I am going to try to be more active on social media with more videos and more content.

I think that when I am too caught up in the moment... I forget about grabbing my phone to take some photos. I even forgot to do an IG live video to do a live reading of the story!

Here are some photos I DID manage to take.

Can’t wait to do more events ❤️

Photo-op with my cousins

Finally met Jenn from FlippFamily

With Portia and Roman ❤️❤️

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