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Big sigh of relief…

Yesterday I woke up after getting a text from Christopher telling me to read about Jimmy Kimmel’s baby’s congenital heart condition.  Although it sounds like a happy ending, I was still very worried about our situation.  And how even a celebrity can go through such a scary moment… and us normal peeps are supposed to be able to cope and have the same outcome??  Anyways, I still tried to focus on the positives.

So our ultrasound appointment with the High Risk perinatologist was scheduled for 11am PST at MAGELLA in Long Beach.  Anyways, I get there first since Christopher had to go to work in the morning.  Right after signing in, I was asked to give a urine sample, had my vitals taken, and had to fill out new patient information.

Then I sat down in the lobby once again.  Christopher shows up, then 10 mins later, we were guided towards the Ultrasound Room.  I forget the name of the doctor but he was on a Fellowship and has 2 English Bulldogs lol.  I told him right away that we have a gender reveal party planned and that we didn’t want to know the sex of the baby.  He was very nice and friendly.  He asked me about my Gestational Diabetes and how I’ve been doing with my blood sugar levels.  Then we talked about my Thyroid condition, which OB I’ve been seeing, then he prepped me for the Ultrasound.  The Ultrasound Gel he used was warm… contrary to what my OB’s office uses.  So that was a plus.  Then he told us he will be looking at different organs.  He spent a lot of time on the brain and said everything looks to be normal.

Then he moved on to the HEART.  He spent a lot of time on the heart.  It got quiet in the room for awhile.  I saw the screen with blinking Red and Blue sections.  I saw more Blue than Red and was getting worried.  He would take screenshots of some things and would take measurements.  Still quiet.  Then 5 minutes later, he said, “everything looks good… you have a healthy beautiful baby!”

And I asked him “are you sure?”

He said, “yes, the heart looks normal to me.”

Then I had another scheduled appointment with another OB Doctor from Magella.  That was supposed to be the doctor to see me regarding my Gestational Diabetes.

Dr. Chan went over my health background with me, he checked my blood sugar logs and said everything seems to be fine.  I do have to watch my after breakfast numbers because they are showing under 100, meaning I do need to have more carbs.  I just need to make sure it’s carbs that are high in fiber.  Believe me, I have tried eating regular bread or bagel and that spikes up my blood sugar.

Anyways, he also did an ultrasound and went through is usual process of first checking the brain, then other organs, and the heart.  He did say that the heart’s axis is rotated to the right a little, but that the structure seems to be fine.  He said we would just have to monitor everything.  He did schedule me for a Fetal Echocardiogram on May 23rd.

So we left the place feeling wayyy better than a few days ago.

Fingers-crossed everything is normal.

So for now, we can focus on the Gender Reveal Partayyy.

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