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Baby Similar is Coming… – Our GoT Themed Baby Shower

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

o it took months of planning and some very creative friends and family to make this happen.  And I am so proud to say that it turned out very well =)

I got the idea because both hubby and I are both GoT Nerds.  And I thought it would be fun to have a unique theme for a baby shower.  After all, people wouldn’t normally use Game of Thrones as a theme for babies/children given all the goriness and violence the show is known for.  So my initial thought is to make it “cute.”

I’ve never really used Pinterest… maybe once or twice in the past when I was looking up ideas on how to decorate my sister’s grave for Xmas.  But Pinterest has EVERYTHING you can think of when it comes to ideas to bite off of.  And here’s what that brainstorming looked like: GoT Baby Shower Pinterest Board

I was lucky enough to have my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law volunteer to help out.  And along with some high school friends and creative cousins, we’ve all managed to pull off this very detailed Baby Shower I really wanted.

And even though I was told I had to stay out of the planning, the NERD in me really wanted to do some DIY stuff for the shower.  So they couldn’t stop me from designing the invitations, some photobooth props, and the necklaces for the “Don’t Say Baby” Game.

Games we had at the shower…

  1. Game of Candies – guess how many candies in the jar

  2. Game of Diapers – Scratcher game for everyone who brought diapers

  3. Designer Diaper – toilet paper game with 3 people designing a diaper on a model.

  4. Tinkle in the Potty – this consisted of teams, where a person needed to walk with a ping-pong ball between their legs and drop it in the vase.  I NEED to find the video for this.

  5. Pin the bottle on the Baby – reserved for the kids.

Anyways, here is the album I created on FB.... i'm not sure how to embed it so here's the link.

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