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And the winner is…

Mrs. Similar!

Our Annual Sales Conference happened on Friday, Jan. 25th. And i’m fortunate to have walked away with the “Recruiter of the Year” award along with the 125 Club Award. This means, I get $1500 AND a free trip to Hawaii!!!

I work very hard, even though it doesn’t show at times. I mean… come on, it’s hard to have to make 20 calls a day. It’s a lot of rejection. A lot of “moving on.” A lot of “Thank You, Next”s. But the pay-off is always the best.

I’d like to take my family on a trip. But I always find myself in debt… which probably means I am not making enough…? I’m trying to figure out my budget on regular family expenses. So I have stopped using my credit card until further notice. Actually, until I get rid of my $8K debt. So until then, I am not putting money into savings, and not using my credit card on anything.

So back to this “Recruiter of the Year Award…” When I started recruiting, I read a book called “The Rich Recruiter” by Andrew Leong. I remember just wanting to be competent and wanting to prove my old boss that I can do it. I didn’t want to just waste the chance at recruiting since I left my EA position for it. I didn’t want to just be another “Rookie Recruiter” as Brett Walker would say. Or I didn’t want my name associated to “Amateur Hour.” I learned a lot during my first year as a recruiter. I experienced the heartaches, the emotional roller coaster ride that recruiting takes you through. The many aspects of recruiting that you cannot control… Not to mention, the anxiety you get when you’re competing against a team of people at work, as well as other recruiters outside of work. Believe it or not, there are so many people in our niche market of Healthcare IT, yet it’s a small world. Someone always knows someone else. So you have to maintain a good reputation as well.

So the book really taught me how to deal with the worst things that can possibly happen. I remember Andrew Leong also talked about how some people are just naturally “lucky.” And the “lucky” ones always have something in common…. they’re usually happy people.

And so, for the past couple of months, I have been really trying to increase my happiness levels and my productivity levels. Sure, there are times when all I want to do is just cuddle with my son and watch tv. But for the most part… I truly want to have a productive day. It’s hard to balance mom life with work life, wifey life, and daughter life. But I do my best. And it’s just so nice to be recognized 🙂

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