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Anatomy U/S

I went in for my 19th week Anatomy Ultrasound yesterday.

I was excited/nervous because I’ve been wanting to find out of we’re having a boy or a girl… And I had my cards ready for the Ultrasound Tech to fill out for Auntie Wendy.  And just to make sure nothing got lost in the mail, I prepared 2 cards to be mailed out from 2 different post offices.


So…. I go in to the Ultrasound room with the same tech who did my first ultrasound.  I remember she was very soft-spoken and looked to be a seasoned sonographer.  She asked me if everything has been okay since the last appointment.  And I told her yes.  I also mentioned that we are going to do a gender reveal party so I would need her to fill out some cards and seal the envelopes.

So we got started, she put some gel on my belly while I was laying down.  She mentioned that she will be doing some measurements and looking at the baby’s anatomy and organs.

The appointment was pretty much quiet for the most part.  She did turn the screen to face me and showed me the placenta, the arms, the head, the heart beat, and the baby’s feet!  The feet was the best part… baby Similar was moving the hands and feet… it was super cute =)

After showing me the cool stuff, I asked her if my placenta raised a bit, and she said yes.

But then she asked me when my next appointment with Dr. Moore is.  And that got me kind of worried.  I told her first week of May and asked her if everything was okay.  I figured even though she cannot really tell me what was going on, It was worth asking.  She just said, “I just want to make sure you have a follow-up appointment.”

Then she asked me if I needed to use the bathroom… so I walked over to the bathroom and I overheard her ask someone where Dr. Moore was.  And I think she talked to Dr. Moore for a bit.  When I came out of the bathroom, I went back to the Ultrasound room to pick up my purse, and I just kind of felt suspicious… but I figured, if something was wrong, they would tell me.

But anyways, I went home happy with these pictures… from the looks of it, I think it’s a Boy and I think he looks like Daddy.

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