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AFI Scare

I went to my 4th week of NST appointment yesterday.  The previous night, I stuffed my face with Panda Inn Chinese food.  Which was amaaaaaazing!  Even though I’m sorry to say that it catapulted my blood sugar in the 200s.  I’m really sorry Baby Similar.

So anyhow, during my appointment, I was again hooked up to the Fetal Heart Monitor machine and another monitor that monitors my contractions.  So I took a nap, and Dr. Moore walked in and said I had another dip in the heart rate.  So she wanted to monitor me for an additional 20 minutes.  When she came back, she looked at the graph and said it looked fine.  But then she turned the Ultrasound machine on and had a look at Baby Similar.  I saw him move a little which was great.

Then she asked me if I had any leakage because my AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index) was showing low.  It was in the 4s… which kinda scared me because I was JUST there on Monday and I was measuring 14.  So she sent me again to Labor & Deliver to get a proper Ultrasound done and be monitored closely.  She did mention that if there’s a rupture then that’s it, we would have to deliver.  But to not be alarmed and not call the troops yet lol.

So I drive over to the Center for Childbirth building and I was immediately greeted by the nicest nurses.  I saw Mycel again which was awesome.  I was then taken to one of the smaller rooms like last time.  I asked if I can have a snack because I was starting to get hungry.  They gave me a turkey sandwich and I was told to drink this jug of water in 15 minutes.  I laid down again and had to re-do the NST which showed up fine.  Then I was taken to the Ultrasound room.

I had a male sonographer which I thought was awkward at first.  But then he started small talk with me which made me more comfortable, and I basically found out he has a husband.  They don’t have children, and no pets.

He printed out 3 U/S pix for me.  Which are kind of hard to make out now because Baby Similar doesn’t have much room anymore.  But I did see him open his mouth.

So then after that, I headed back to maternity and was told by the nurse that she had ordered a tray of food for me.  But since I am diabetic,  I could really only eat the chicken breast and some tomato soup.  So she told me to hang out in the room and eat until I was given my discharge papers.  Since my AFI came back normal, I was told I didn’t have to deliver that day lol.

I was told to drink more fluids and was given the direct line to Labor and Delivery.  I finished my chicken, then got ready to go home.

I was glad it wasn’t time yet… we still have a Baby Shower to go to!  Lol

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