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3rd Trimester blues

I think the tiredness is coming back.

And I am starting to struggle a bit more with the blood sugar levels.  I am now taking 5mg of Glyburide with my dinner, and 10 mg before I go to bed.

I really hope that Baby Similar isn’t too affected… or that he doesn’t get too big like what most diabetic babies tend to get.

I need to stick to my diet better.  It has been hard lately with 4th of July and my tiredness combined.  Since I barely have the energy to cook.  Anyways, I hope I can get through this.

Work is getting a bit more tiresome and disheartening, with all the competition and my lack of drive to get things done.  Idk, but for some reason, I felt stronger last year.  Considering what was happening with my sister.  But this year, my energy has been fluctuating.

Anyways… I’ve sent all the invites for the Baby Shower.  I guess it’s just the waiting game… along with the hopes that he doesn’t come sooner than Aug. 26th =)

Anyways, back to work work work work work

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