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3D Ultrasound

I bought a Groupon a couple of days ago for the 3D Ultrasound.  I’ve seen other people’s 3D ultrasounds, and although they are creepy.  I have always considered getting it for my baby.  I know there are some who think this is too much radiation exposure on the baby.  And just to be safe, or for your own sanity, I would just consult with your OB.

The place we went to is called MyFirstFoto in Westminster, CA.  It’s located in Little Saigon.  The place was really cute.  The room had a couch and comfy chairs facing a flat screen.  I got to lay on a comfy mattress next to the Ultrasound Tech’s desk and computer screen.  Baby Daddy was on a chair next to me.  I love that they also use a warm gel at this place.  Just like at Magella =)

So anyhow… we got to see Baby Similar =)  And this time, we got to see his facial structure.  And he was really cooperative.

So here are some of those photos… 

Pie HotPie
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