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37th week

This week has been pretty tough.  Not only do I feel heavier… I feel very tired because I cannot sleep through the night.  It’s been hot in SoCal lately, which means we turn our little portable AC on pretty much all night.  And yesterday at work, my right foot was swollen.

I forgot to write an update on Monday… but I had another NST/AFI test.  It was pretty standard… but I wanted to share these cool videos because we could hear Baby Similar’s hiccups.

After the NST and AFI (13 which was grrrreaaat!), Dr. Moore measured Baby Similar.  She mentioned something about cms but then ended up giving me the lbs.  She said Baby Similar is measuring 7lbs which wasn’t HUGE but I feel like he’s up there lol.

Next… Dr. Moore wanted to check my cervix.  And this consisted of her putting on latex gloves and literally sticking a finger in my birth canal and pushing on the cervix.  Which hurt like hellllll.  She did mention I might be spotting that day.  She told me that it’s good that the cervix is soft, which means it is “ripening.”

So I was happy to walk out of there with good comments from her.

Other than that… I’m just really dealing with 3rd trimester symptoms.  My feet finally got swollen yesterday.  Well I didn’t even know it at first but while I was at work, when I got up to go to the bathroom, I noticed that my right sandal felt really tight around my right foot.  The left one was normal.  Later that night, both my feet were swollen.  So I made sure I sat on my glider with my legs up.

I’d really like to do yoga tonight… so fingers crossed I have enough energy to want to do that.

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