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20 Things that make me happy

Yesterday, I spent majority of my working hours just reading. I read the report (pretty much the entire report) of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury regarding the child molestation cases that happened in the past 70 years in various dioceses. I tried to read over EVERY SINGLE case they mentioned. And it made me question my faith… the church I grew up in (no I didn’t grow up in PA… but just the Roman Catholic church in general). It pretty much validated why I’ve stopped giving money for tithing.

Today, I watched/listened to the judge reading the charges against Christopher Watts, the Colorado man who allegedly murdered his 15-week pregnant wife and 2 daughters.

And just a few minutes ago, I listened to the press-conference about Mollie Tibbets’ murder suspect. Mollie was a pretty, Iowa-college student who went out for a run and never came back. They found her body this morning.

HOLY FUCK! All these very horrific stories that just appeared in 2 days worth of news. I feel overwhelmed. I can’t even imagine how the families feel. There are very very horrible human beings out there. And to think that EVERY SINGLE one of us were once just innocent BABIES. I just don’t get it…

So I’ve decided to just make a list of things that make me happy. Just to sort of reverse my overall feeling these past few days. Because I’m tired of hearing/reading about negativity…

I just want to think about my son and how I don’t want to have to worry about anything bad happening to him. I completely understand NOW why my mom was the way she was with me and my siblings. Why she was so over protective. I get it. I mean I had an idea why she was the way she was. But until you have a child of your own… you will never know the feeling. She called it “Pag-alala ng magulang”

20 Things that make me happy 1. Roman having fun, playing… just being himself 2. Date nights with my husband 3. My mom winning at the casino 4. Knowing my brother and his family are healthy 5. Making placements at work 6. Getting my bonus checks 7. Getting a massage 8. Getting a facial 9. Yoga Flow 10. Getting my hair did 11. Watching a movie while high 12. Seeing the Killers perform live 13. Taking a nap with Roman 14. Laying down reading a good book 15. Being in warm water 16. Being somewhere I’ve never been before 17. Hitting my quota at work 18. Winning an award 19. Desserts 20. Watching new episodes of my favorite shows

And this boy right here is the reason why I’ve felt happiness these past few months.

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