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1 day 2 hospitals

Ever feel like you’ve been spending so much time at hospitals?  That has been the story of my life lately.

On Sunday, I took my dad to get some blood work done to prep for a procedure called Thorascentesis – a procedure to remove fluid from the space between the lungs and the chest wall called the pleural space. It is done with a needle (and sometimes a plastic catheter) inserted through the chest wall.  This is to test the fluid that has built up in his lungs.  On Tuesday, the procedure was done.  We got to the hospital at 8am and didn’t end up leaving until 2pm.  If you ask me, that was more irritating than being at work.  Do NOT ever get anything done at Foothill Regional Medical Center.  This is a “new” hospital in Tustin, which my parents’ insurance has recently acquired.  But they only have a certain number of staff members, hardly any doctors, and still quite disorganized.  The only plus side is probably their cafeteria.

So… Thursday, September 14th came along.  And my dad finally has a scheduled lung biopsy.  Throughout this whole time, we had been waiting for this day to get processed so that we can finally know what kind of treatment he would need to have.  So unfortunately, we had to go back to Foothill Regional in Tustin.  Throughout all these appointments, I have been cutting it close and really praying I don’t go into labor.  Also, because I knew it would take forever at that hospital once again.

My dad’s procedure was finished around noon.  And while my mom and I were waiting for him to recover, we were told that his lung had a minor collapse (pneumothorax), which showed up on his chest x-ray post biopsy.  The radiologist did say that this is a common side effect during a lung biopsy.  But this is still not something you want to hear have happened.

So we were told he would need to be kept in recovery until further examination…. until 4pm.  So while we were waiting, I drank some decaf coffee, had cereal and milk, and just kind of napped in the lobby.  At one point, I had to use the bathroom to pee and felt like I didn’t almost make it.  I must have made 10 trips to the bathroom in that amount of time.  And each time, I felt this never-ending flow of water.  I kept trying to smell it to see if it was urine or if it’s my water.  It was really hard to tell because all I could smell was urine.

Finally, we came home and spent some time at my parents’ house where we had dinner.  I had listed one of my dad’s tools on Craig’s list and was scheduled to meet with someone who was interested in buying a flooring saw he had.  This was around 7pm.  So while we were talking to the couple who came to look at the flooring saw, I felt a gush of water come out… it felt a lot like when you are on your period and warm blood comes out.  So I go to the bathroom to check but again, it’s all just clear liquid.  I even had my mom smell some liquid that trickled down my leg and she was convinced that was just urine lol.  She said if it’s my water breaking, it would be a thicker kind of liquid.

So still unconvinced that was my water breaking, I went home and waited to feel some contractions.  After about an hour, I started to feel my belly get hard.  I had downloaded an app call “Full Term” to keep track of my contractions.  So I started timing these as soon as I can.  I think the first one started at 7:48pm.  I was told don’t head to the hospital until it’s the contractions are 3-5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute each, for about an hour.

The app (“Full Term”) will tell you what your average minutes apart is and the duration of your contracts.  You also have a section to specify the intensity level.  Below are my times:


Chris and I were lying down… when finally, I felt a contraction that automatically told me it was time.  You’ll know when this happens…. trust me.  You stop what you’re doing and just breathe…

So we drop off Miguel at my mom’s and we head over to the hospital with our hospital ready back packs, a blanket, and my pregnancy pillow.

I wanted to stop by somewhere and get ice cream… but we didn’t end up doing that at all.

The drive to the hospital seemed normal.  And at this point, I was still having moderate contractions which was awesome.  I think we got to the hospital around 10:30 pm.

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