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Roman turned 1!

How fast time flew by… it’s crazy! I could’ve sworn I was just pregnant, writing about pregnant things.

My baby boy, the silver lining of our family. He’s been keeping us busy/sane/insane for the past year now. I still remember not wanting to post anything on social media right after he was born. I wanted to make sure we could take him home. I feared for how he was laying in his incubator, in the NICU. I saw him there with all those wires, laying uncomfortably because of his fractures. The daily/nightly visits to the NICU were brutal. Not to mention I was recuperating from labor and my father was battling cancer. Those were tough times. I wanted to be there for my dad but I was more concerned about my baby. What a sucky feeling to have to go through.

But either way, Roman was/is such a blessing! I love him so much. The photos don’t do it justice… but everyone at the party said it was such a hit. And they were impressed by your demeanor, and just how happy you are. I really hope we continue to raise you in a happy and healthy environment. Your Daddy and I may not always see eye to eye… but you’re our priority! All this is for you..

09.15.18 – Larwin Park, BP Posted by Rowena Similar on Sunday, September 16, 2018
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